Celebrating The Freedom To Give!

G.I.A. Is A "Viral" Message

Thousands of individuals around the world will pass on life-changing experiences to their friends and acquaintances.

G.I.A. Is A Media Campaign

Our team will broadcast giving stories from every community across the country and around the world.

Start A Giving Club

Invite a few friends, co-workers or classmates to join in making a difference.

Giving In America. Celebrating the Freedom to Give!

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About Giving In America

Giving in America is about people accepting the challenge to look outside of their personal situation and give to someone else; whether the gift is to someone who has a need or to simply make their day a little brighter.

From our next door neighbors, to celebrities and philanthropists from every walk of life, people are giving selflessly of their time, energy and resources every day. These people know the gratification that comes from making a difference. The mission of Giving in America is to ignite a spark in the hearts of people to give more – and to help people realize the many ways to give. We’ll show you how to increase the impact of giving through Personal Giving, Employer Matches or by participating in a Giving Club. Giving has a twofold impact, it benefits the recipient and it increases the impact the giver has on society.

Giving in America is about you and your potential. It's really a movement about how each of us lives our life, and how you can improve your living by embracing no-strings attached giving. Everything we do makes a difference, and giving is the best difference we can make. Giving in America celebrates you and the millions like you who give.

Giving in America is not attempting to raise money and neither do we accept donations for any cause. But we encourage spontaneous giving to others. Giving in America is a sounding board and a celebrative platform for the compassionate heart beat of the American Spirit.

No give is too small and no obstacle is too big to overcome when we dare to dream and live to give. Giving in America will transform the worlds we live in. Come join in and let us show you how people are making a difference through the power of Giving in America!

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