Celebrating The Freedom To Give!


Our story began with the desire to make the world a better place for everyone. The end goal was to use our skills, talents, time and resources in a way that gave our life more purpose and value, without being self-centered. The question arouse, “What can I do to positively impact society?” the answer was simple…Give!

Giving is not something new, but giving with the purpose of benefiting others made our lives more enjoyable. It became a game. A game where we could win all the time, and there were no losers. Anyone can participate, no matter their age, size, education or heritage. The rules are simple, and we have the power to change them at any time. We discovered that giving, gives our lives greater purpose and allows us to make the world a better place. It is in this spirit that Giving In America was founded.

GIVING STORIES (Click Images To Read)

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Gift Card Couple

Pizza Payoff

My Favorite Burrito Joint

Giving On The Go

Hidden Pleasure

A Friend In Need

Chipping In

Serving The Server

Music To My Ears

Home For The Holidays

Reaching Out