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About Giving In America (5)

What is the mission of Giving In America?
The mission of Giving in America is to ignite a spark in the hearts of people to give more-and to help people realize the many ways to give. By encouraging Selfless Acts of Generosity and no-strings attached giving, we seek to help maximize the Generosity Gene that resides in each of us and provide simple but effective ways that your giving can make a difference.
Is Giving In America a Non-Profit organization?
Giving in America is not a charity, but rather a sounding board and a celebrative platform for promoting selfless thought and action.
How was Giving In America Founded?
Check out "The Giving In America Story"
CLICK HERE to visit our Stories page.
Does Giving In America accept financial donations?
Giving in America is not attempting to raise money and neither do we accept donations for any cause. But we encourage spontaneous giving to others and will show you how to increase the impact of your giving to the cause of your choice.
Does Giving In America require Fees or Dues?
There are no financial fees or dues to participate with Giving In America We simply encourage you to give of your time, talents or financial resources to the cause of your choosing.

General Giving Questions (5)

Where can I get ideas on different ways to give?
Check out our Giving Ideas Page
How can I share a story of giving on this website?
We love to hear your giving stories! CLICK HERE to share
How do I find local organizations to volunteer with?
There are several ways to identify volunteering opportunities CLICK HERE for A great start.
How can I share giving ideas with my social media networks?
Simply provide a link to our website, http://www.givinginamerica.com
How can I give to someone virtually?
Check out our Giving Ideas page, CLICK HERE for A great start.

Giving Club Questions (5)

How do I start a Giving Club?
Giving Clubs are a great way to increase the impact of your giving CLICK HERE to learn more.
Are there Giving in America chapters around the country?
Contact us to see where there are established Giving Clubs near you or you can reach out to a few friends, co-works or classmates and start a new Club
Are Giving Clubs free to start or join?
There are no fees associated with establishing or joining a Giving Club. Each member will make a commitment towards the giving goal that the club sets and all of the proceeds are given to the charity or person identified by the Club.
Do Giving Clubs follow special rules or guidelines?
Giving Club guidelines are provided to assist Clubs in being effective CLICK HERE for more info.
Is registration required for a Giving Club?
Registration is not mandatory but it allows your club to share it’s giving activities and may qualify your club for special recognition

Content Submittion Questions (5)

How do I submit my giving story or giving idea?
Submissions are simple, CLICK HERE to submit your Idea or Story.
If I submit photos, how do you use them?
We uses photo submissions to promote further giving. We do NOT sell, distribute or profit financially from your photos. Sumitting photos, does NOT gaurantee we will use or post them on the Giving In America website.
How many stories or ideas can I submit?
There is no limit. Please note, submission does NOT gaurauntee we will use, post or promote them.
How do you select which story, photo or idea to use?
Submission selections are based on the objectives, resources and time constraints alotted during the time of submission. The selection process can change without prior notice due to these parameters.
Is there any financial compensation for submitting stories, photos or ideas?
No, we do NOT provide financial compensation for submissions.


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